Dr. Dieter le Noir

As a trained physician since 1995 and a pioneer in integrative medicine, he has complemented his studies with Eastern medicine in India and naturopathy in the United States, Switzerland, and Germany.

The combination of different approaches that seek harmony between health and nature defines the essence of his medical practice, in which he balances biological, mental, and emotional aspects.

Passionate about regenerative agriculture and always seeking to "heal the earth to heal people," in 1998, he initiated Rancho La Paz in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, a place dedicated to the investigation of the fertility of the land and the cultivation of medicinal plants.

Convinced that food is one of the most essential pillars of health, in 2010, he created Fundación Valle la Paz to instill quality nutrition in the region's marginalized communities.

This same visionary spirit can be seen in one of his most recent projects, the educational platform Cultiva Salud, which offers students practical tools to reestablish an integral balance and awaken self-repairing forces.

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