Rancho La Paz

In 1998, Dieter le Noir and his brother Andreas bought this ranch in Valle de Bravo. The land was devastated by potato monoculture, saturated with agrochemicals and pesticides that killed the soil fertility and much of the ecosystem's life. As he observed this land, Dr. Dieter le Noir began to study permaculture and biodynamic agriculture. It took the first steps toward the regeneration of the ecosystem of Rancho La Paz.

During the first three years, the goal was to nourish the soil with compost and green manure. The idea was to restore bacterial and fungal life to the arid soil to grow crops without agrochemicals or pesticides. It has been over two decades since a key chapter in this history started: cultivating food and medicinal plants in fertile, organic soil.

Today, Rancho La Paz is a natural sanctuary dedicated to cultivating medicinal plants, regenerative agriculture, and soil fertility research.

When we walk the Earth with reverence, beauty will trust us. Beauty is a mysterious presence waiting for the prepared and expectant heart.

– John O‘Donohue


Visits to Rancho La Paz

At the moment, ranch tours are not available. If you are interested in a visit, please leave us your contact information, and we will contact you as soon as guided tours resume. Thank you for your interest.