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At Centro Cultiva Salud, we believe nature inspires, teaches, nurtures, and heals. To improve the planet's health and those who inhabit it, our work is based on four areas: teaching integrative health courses, elaborating herbal remedies with the highest purity standards, researching soil fertility, and conducting social work in rural schools in the State of Mexico. Welcome!

«Cultiva tu Salud»

A seminar that presents the three main pillars of health integrating practical tools to prevent sickness and improve wellness.


We cultivate over 100 medicinal plants for organic botanical products that improve digestion while detoxifying and harmonizing nervous, immune, and hormonal systems.

Valle La Paz

This non-profit group works in highly marginalized communities in the State of Mexico, creating safe spaces where children can nurture their minds, bodies, and hearts.

Rancho La Paz

Located in Valle de Bravo, in the State of Mexico, Rancho La Paz is dedicated to soil fertility research, the cultivation of medicinal plants, and regenerative agriculture.

Masterclass Cultiva tu Salud

Ayuno intermitente y su poder curativo

Healing Gardens - Rancho la Paz