Fundación Valle La Paz

Fundacion Valle La Paz is a non-profit civil association that works in highly marginalized communities in the Valle de Bravo basin, State of Mexico. The foundation has been working in this area since 2010, reinventing itself by harnessing new energy with its accumulated experience.

With the idea that the transformation towards a better Mexico begins by creating safe spaces where children can nourish their minds, bodies, and hearts, the foundation currently has two programs:

School Breakfasts, through which 109 breakfasts are made with fresh, local, and agrochemical-free products and served daily at schools in the Manzano, Mesa Rica, and La Huerta San Agustín communities.

Community Choir, which, after 10 years in La Huerta San Agustín and Mesa Rica, has 246 students, of which 73 also receive guitar lessons.

There are strong economic incentives for governments to invest in early childhood nutrition, according to a new paper that reveals that every dollar spent on nutrition during the first 1,000 days of a child's life can provide a country up to $166 in future earnings. Source: ScienceDaily