Our Team

Dieter le Noir

Dieter le Noir is a general practitioner (GP) from the UNAM School of Medicine. His interest in learning about other medical systems subsequently led him to different countries to study traditional medicine, therapeutic nutrition,

naturopathy with a homeopathic approach, integrative and Ayurvedic medicine, anthroposophy, as well as biodynamic agriculture and permaculture. In 1995, he began his private medical practice to bring his patients closer to a holistic medicine that combines knowledge of traditional medical systems with modern medicine. In 1998, he launched Rancho La Paz in Valle de Bravo, a space for the regeneration of the land and the cultivation of medicinal plants, which evolved into Dervital, a line of herbal remedies made from these crops. He is a co-founder of:

o Fundación Valle La Paz is a civil association that works with rural communities in the State of Mexico to promote the production and consumption of organic food to improve children's nutrition.

o Flor de la Paz IAP is a foundation dedicated to the regeneration of the land and the cultivation of medicinal plants for organic teas marketed in Mexico. 100% of the profits are destined to regenerate the soil in Valle de Bravo.

o In 2019, he founded Cultiva tu Salud, an initiative designed to raise awareness about health and share the tools necessary to strengthen the body's self-healing capacity. This initiative has evolved into Centro Cultiva Salud, a project dedicated to generating and sharing knowledge about the crucial relationship between soil and human health.


Alexandra is also a visual artist with undergraduate studies in philosophy and project management. She directed an international association teaching Eastern philosophy studies for over a decade.

She co-founded Prasad, a foundation dedicated to humanitarian aid and medical services in three continents. She has been co-founder and strategic manager of RLD, a sustainable tourism development business focused in Jalisco and Nayarit. As an artist, her sculptures denote her interest in nature by incorporating elements such as water and clay. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Mexico and the United States. Since 2023, Alexandra has been associated with Dieter le Noir as director of Centro Cultiva Salud, a project dedicated to the study and teaching of the regeneration of the Earth.

Editorial Coordination

As an editor and communications specialist in publications on biodiversity and Mexico's natural heritage, Ana was the editorial coordinator of Agrupación Sierra Madre and has been working independently since 2009.

She has coordinated editorial processes for the Mexican Academy of Sciences, CONABIO, the Fund for Environmental Communication and Education, the International Council for Science, and the UNAM. Always interested in health and food issues, in 2019, she became certified as a health orientator (IIN) and launched Opuntia, a project that merges botanical illustration, Mexico's biodiversity, and food education. In 2023, Ana joined the CCS team to coordinate editorial processes.


As a trained biochemical engineer with a master's degree and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from UNAM, she has worked for her alma mater for 16 years, seven of them as a head researcher of the Microbiomics Laboratory of ENES, Morelia Unit.

She is a member of the National System of Researchers (SNI). She researches the generation of information on the natural distribution of phosphorus and its relationship with the availability of carbon and nitrogen in natural and agricultural soils in Mexico. She is a scientist who loves the complexity of the edaphic microbial world. At Rancho La Paz, she collaborates in soil biogeochemistry research, ensuring fertile soil for the future.


With studies in accounting and economics from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), and undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance from the Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC),

Jorge has been an independent consultant since 1990. He specializes in business planning, corporate finance, analysis and evaluation of investment projects, and business valuation. He is the director and founding partner of Proyección y Desarrollo de Valor, a financial advisory firm focused on business valuation and related processes. Since 2023, Jorge has collaborated with the Centro Cultiva Salud, contributing experience and knowledge to make CCS a sustainable project.


With a law degree from UNAM, Julio specialized in corporate law for over 50 years in the international pharmaceutical industry.

He has also been a director and advisor in several national organizations, guiding programs for children and adults. Julio has advised Dr. Dieter le Noir from the onset of his medical practice to the founding and current development of the Centro Cultiva Salud.

Dervital Coordination

Luz studied computer science and has worked in logistics, accounting, sales, and administration.

She has been working at Dervital for nine years, learning about health and wellness from Dr. Dieter le Noir. Currently, Luz collaborates in the Centro Cultiva Salud administrative area, constantly with enthusiasm and willingness to share her experience.

Assistent to Dr. Dieter le Noir

As Dr. Dieter le Noir's assistant for the past three decades, Ofelia has been involved in all aspects of the integrative medicine practice.

She meticulously follows the specifications for preparing ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines. Her experience has made her a pillar of the practice, always showing empathy with patients, while her professionalism and perseverance are exemplary. Witnessing how so many patients have healed fills her with gratitude.

Graphic Design

Stefan has been a freelance designer since 1996, specializing in books for clients such as Hauser & Wirth (Switzerland), Musée des Arts Contemporains Site du Grand-Hornu (Belgium),

Kunsthaus Bregenz, Kallmann-Museum (Germany), Leopold Museum (Austria), and Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (Mexico). His books have received the following awards: The Most Beautiful Books (Vienna, 2001 and 2006) and The Most Beautiful Books in the World by Stiftung-Buchkunst (Leipzig, 2006), among others. With his aesthetic criteria and technical knowledge, he spearheaded the creation of Centro Cultiva Salud's website.

Director Fundación Valle La Paz

Since 2010, Yolanda has been director of Fundación Valle La Paz Foundation, where, in addition to making sure that everything runs smoothly, she is in charge of raising funds for the School Breakfast and Community Choir programs, which bring nutrition and music to the children of surrounding communities.

In addition, she loves to get away to the communities where the foundation works, spend time with the children, and witness the happiness that comes from singing and eating fresh, nutritious food for breakfast. Her current challenge is to bring these transformative programs to more and more children in rural communities in other areas of Mexico.

Dervital Production

A member of the Mazahua community of Santa María Citendeje in the State of Mexico, Bernardino studied at the Conciliar Seminary of Atlacomulco and Toluca to prepare for the priesthood.

He participated in the national educational system of CONAFE, providing primary, secondary, and high school education in marginalized rural communities in the State of Mexico. He had his first contact with Rancho La Paz and Dr. Dieter le Noir in 2007. Here, Bernardino became involved with the principles of healthy soil and its relationship to human health. Since then, he has worked in the ranch's laboratory while studying an online degree in industrial engineering.