We all have the power within us, just like a seed, to heal and reconnect with the earth.

- Dr. Dieter le Noir, Centro Cultiva Salud

At Centro Cultiva Salud (CCS), we believe that nature inspires, nourishes, heals, and teaches. To improve the health of the planet and those who inhabit it, our work is based on four main areas: teaching integrative health courses, elaborating herbal remedies with the highest purity standards, doing research on soil fertility, and carrying out social work in rural schools in the State of Mexico.

When we fully perceive a healthy ecosystem and grasp the infinite connections between its elements, we begin to conceive ourselves as part of it and understand health as a whole that surrounds and inhabits us. Here, we are aligned with the most essential: nature as the primary source of life, fertility, and balance.

CCS is located within Rancho La Paz, a space that can be described as a sanctuary of health, a large environmental cell comprised of vigorous life cycles. The fertile soil of the ranch has allowed us to cultivate medicinal plants of the highest quality, from which we obtain the extracts for Dervital products and herbal remedies with a single production line from seed to the final product. In addition, we grow organic food on the ranch, which has been donated to the Nutrition Program of Fundación Valle La Paz for the past ten years, through which children from neighboring communities receive nutritious breakfasts in their schools. Understanding the principles of soil fertility, crop purity, and their effects on human health has led us to become involved in soil and pharmacological research.

Today, planetary health requires understanding the Earth as a living, complex, and sentient organism. It requires us to stop harming and concentrate on detoxifying, regenerating, cultivating, and connecting with the Earth and its infinite life forms. With this in mind, CCS offers courses, conferences, and workshops in which we address human and environmental health issues multi-disciplinary. Centro Cultiva Salud is a compass to guide the journey to a healthy planet and cultivate health as a daily practice.